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Aussie, Aussie, Aussie...

Becoming an Australian citizen is an important, even life-changing, decision made by over 200 Hobson Bay residants every year.
Concil holds up to six citizenship ceremonies annually where residents pledge their commitment to Australia by reciting the responsibilities of upholding thet commitment. The ceremony is condcted by the Mayor who presents each candidate with their citizenship certificate and a native Australian shrub.
The ceremony is often a very special event attended by many familiy members who are able to take photographs to remember the occasion.
Eligability to become an Australian citizen depends on a number of criteria, including being a permanent resident of Australia, being able to speak and understand basic English, and being wiling to honour the responsibilities and privileges of beung an Australian citizen.
One of these privilegs is heving a say in the future of your local community, the State of Victoria and the nation through the right to vote at government elections.

Hobsons Bay
City Council


Almira Dobruna was al smiles as she accepted her citizenship certificate from Hobsons Bay Mayor, Cr Carl Marsich.